Continuum: Let Me Explain

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This week Kiera’s future past caught up with her current future in the form of a cold case serial killer.


The usual episode opens with Kiera in 2077. She’s talking to a man about a case he’s having trouble with and he needs her help on. He guides her into a highly computerised room full of touch screen interfaces and asks her to use her deductive reasoning to help narrow down the un-sub profile. She notes a case from 2009 – 2018 which has a similar fixation on eyes, a man killed 38 people. They were mostly child molesters and most interestingly, unsolved.

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Kiera arrives on the scene to see a man, eyelids removed with precision. She makes an almost instantaneous connection to what she read and worked on in 2077. Carlos her, in the dark, partner is the lead detective on the case. Kiera, throughout is fixated on small details about the case ones that get in the way of her actually investigating.

When Kiera and Carlos go to question the daughter of the most recent killing Kiera uses her ‘abilities’ a lot and tries to figure out if the woman is lying. Kiera takes special attention when she asks the daughter if there was any history of abuse and the daughter outright says there wasn’t. Kiera doesn’t give up.

Other key points Kiera slips out with are the fact the victims appear to be aligned into a circle and they all lie upon a bus route. Carlos continues to get further suspicious of Kiera and annoyed by the fact that she states its just a feeling or an idea. However, later when Kiera and Carlos go to see the daughter again she remembers that it was a father daughter murder and the daughter was killed not long after the father was.

In the parking garage Kiera see a suspicious man, she stops him. In the back of his car, inside a container is Patsy, the daughter. They believe to have their killer but he has Cancer. Carlos questions Kiera more; Why did she focus on Patsy from the start? How did Kiera know what she knows? Kiera believes there has to be a second killer. Carlos is having none of it, he wants the truth. Kiera explains, she explains that she is from the future and she knows this case. He obviously thinks she’s delusional and won’t believe it.

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Kiera finds him, the second killer and chases him through his house. She’s jumped and sprayed with a gas knocking her unconscious. She awakes to being prepped like the other victims. Kiera uses her future tech gun and something within her suit to shock him and shortly after Carlos arrives. Carlos comes to realise in this moment that Kiera didn’t like because; “If you eliminate the impossible, whatever is left over however improbable, its got to be the truth.”



So they caught the bad guys, both of them but in the future Kiera is from the killer was never caught and they managed to kill 38 people before disappearing. What kind of affect has she caused within her own timeline? If that killer never got to kill the people it ended up killing they in turn could have gone on to commit a crime or something else inherently bad causing a ripple effect though time affect more people than it should.


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