Burn Notice: It’s Time To Be Brave Little Angel

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Last Thursdays episode of Burn Notice was much better than the previous in resects to storyline and the action side of things. Also we delved into the past a little.


We flashed back to Dublin, Ireland 2001 and we see a younger Fiona and a younger Michael. It’s the moment they first meet and begin their love affair that would last a long time. Michael watches as Fiona assembles a gun and points it at the man across from her. Michael is told that she’s trouble and he doesn’t want it and that she’s taken. We then see Fiona kiss a grey bearded man on the cheek.

Michael approaches her and she notices that he’s been watching her. They introduce themselves and then they dance.

Michael, Fiona & Co

Michael returns to Miami to track down the man who’s about to blow his deep cover. In doing so he bumps into his ever persistent mother who hasn’t seen him in a very long time.

Michael is watching his friends track down the man for him. His friends receive a tip about an abandoned chop shop that the man he’s after has been using. Michael and the CIA race down there with Fiona and Co arriving dangerously close. They enter the yard and come under heavy fire. Michael gears up and jumps out of the van, he heads into a cover position and shoots the man in the window.

Sam believes that it was just a lucky shot whereas Fiona senses something different. Sam calls in one of his hacker ‘friends’ and blackmails him into tracking down the man from his computer. They’ve finally got a home address where this man supposedly lives. Once again Michael and the CIA race ahead and get in position. Michael takes another sniping position ready to shoot the man on sight.

Fiona and Co arrive and set up a perimeter for a quick snatch and grab. Fiona’s left on her own and she notices that a gardener is about to get in their way. She approaches him but it turns out to be the man that they’re after. She’s been kidnapped.

The man ditches the car and sets it on fire. He phones Sam and demands to be put in contact with Michael. They don’t have a choice but to go to the meet with a satellite phone. Michael is adamant that it is a bad idea and he takes off. He chases after the gang and stop them. The CIA soon catch up and Strong shouts at Michael. However Michael claims to have a better plan.

Michael arrives at the meet, he speaks with the man and is given demands. Michael agrees but in return he asks to talk to Fiona. The man says no and Michael begins to walk away. The man stops him and tells him he has 10 seconds to talk to Fiona. Michael tells her that he’s going to get her out and then he says; “It’s time to be brave little angel.”

Both Michael and Fiona dive in slow motion to the ground and gun fire blazes from the building behind Michael. The man inside holding Fiona captive catches dozens of bullets, he’s dead.

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 15.18.56

Michael goes to talk to Fiona after she’s been seen to by a paramedic. Fiona kisses Michael on the cheek just like

the man from the flashback. We find out that it’s not just any kiss. “That’s the kiss you give when it’s over.”


It was definitely one of my favourites. The flashback let us into so much. We saw Michael and Fiona in a light we hadn’t before and it was great it was the way their relationship should have always been. But is it really over between them?




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