True Blood: I Can See The Future

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This week churned out another new episode of True Blood for the general public to feast on and it can’t get any weirder, can it?


It continues from last week, Bill had just encountered separate Lilliths. Now he’s screaming about feeling all the pain and he can feel everyone; a new ability. Bill can also see whats happening to them, vampires dragged along the ground and child a vamp’r.

He then loses consciousness and appears to have slipped into a different place where blood soaked women guide him to Lillith. She talks to him and explains things to him. Meanwhile, a worried Jessica, invites over a hooker for blood. A woman who charges vampires to let them chow down on her blood. Bill is catatonic and propped up in a chair. The woman claims that he’s gone but before she can leave a force grips her and contorts her body in ways they shouldn’t be able to move. Bill is causing it and he pulls her in front of him, still unconscious but opens his mouth. The blood pours from the woman and into Bill; another new ability.

Bill is told by Lillith to trust what he sees. He wakes up after Jessica tells him a story. They realise now that the things he was seeing earlier were actually visions of the future and not things happening in the present.

Sookie & Jason

Jason talks with the man he had the car journey with last week. He’s not actually Warlow as was said last week, he’s Jason’s and Sookie’s Faerie Grandfather and that he’s been watching them for a long time. Jason takes him back to the Stackhouse home after making him prove he isn’t Warlow.

Sookie is late for work and bumps into an injured man. He’s the same as Sookie, a halfling. She takes care of him and stitches him up before showing him where the Faerie club is.

Jason and his Grandfather arrive home not long after Sookie had left. Jason shows the Grandfather where Warlow had first tried to come in. The Grandfather goes in to this other dimension to check if Warlow had managed to break out. He did.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 13.55.57

Sookie comes home after she led Ben, the faerie, to the club. Sookie is introduced to her Grandfather, Niall (Actually their great Grandfather). They have spaghetti and eventually Niall teaches Sookie a last chance trick with her powers. He teaches her how to make the ball of light, when combined with his own, go supernova. However she can only use it once because afterwards her powers would be no more.


Sam’s still dealing with the loss of Luna. He’s getting Lafayette to look after her daughter while he’s working at the bar. A group of kids walk in and one of them approach Sam. She knows that he’s a shapeshifter and he knows about the daughter. He invites her into the back room. The girl wants Sam to be the first one of his kind to come forward and tell the world that they exist. Sam refuses.

After Sam had finished work he heads to pick up the little girl from Lafayette. He bumps into Alcide, the little girl’s Grandmother and other pack members. They argue about where Emma (the little girl) should be raised. A nature versus nurture argument over the fact of who could raise her better.

Emma wants to stay with Sam but the grandmother takes her and a small fight ensues. Off in the bushes the group of kids from earlier are taking pictures of Sam and Co.


The show is getting weirder by the week. The storytelling and acting is still great but its just what they’re acting itself. Somethings like Bill’s current plot line are way too far fetched. It’s becoming easier to laugh at somethings rather than believe it.



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