Summer TV 2013: My Personal Pick

I thought I’d post something a little different today. I’ve compiled a list of 21 TV shows airing this Summer that I’m going to watch and I recommend that you do too.

The Fosters – June 3rd – ABC Family

This show is about a family, The Fosters, who also just so happen to foster children. They already have a three children until they take on Callie, a hardened teen with an abusive past.

Teen Wolf – June 3rd – MTV

Despite having already begun I thought I’d include it any way. Season 3 is already underway and Scott is in deep what with a new alpha pack encroaching on his territory.

Burn Notice – June 6th – USA

Michael Westen and Co return for their seventh and final season. He’s a trained spy who had a ‘burn notice’ put out on him which meant that he was stuck wherever the CIA left him which happened to be Miami.

Graceland- June 6th – USA

USA’s newest TV Show centres on FBI Rookie Mike Warren. He’s sent down to ‘Graceland’, a place where undercover agents live and operate. Almost immediately he’s given his first undercover case and it’s a little close to home.

Falling Skies – June 9th – TNT

The Skitters are back to reek more havoc and abduct more children. Tom and the 2nd Mass arrived in Charleston but now seven months have passed but the battle still continues.

King & Maxwell – June 10th – TNT

Two former Secret Service agents use their unique skill sets and set up shop as private investigates. Their talents often giving them a head start when it comes to the suspect and the authorities

Pretty Little Liars – June 11th – ABC Family

The lying is palpable as they return for the fourth season and having come closer to ‘A’ than they ever thought possible they’re now desperate to uncover A’s new scheme.

Necessary Roughness – June 12th – USA

A psychotherapist, Dr Dani Santino soon becomes a sought-after therapist to the likes of Athletes, Politicians etc all while raising two teenagers. It starts it’s third season next Wednesday.

Franklin And Bash – June 19th – TNT

Franklin and Bash, two ‘out-there’ street lawyers who join a professional law firm. One likes to stick it to the authority whilst the other has a talent for connecting with the judge and jury.

True Blood – June 16th – HBO

Sookie Stackhouse, just an ordinary waitress who happens to read minds but now she’s dealing with a reincarnated Bill. Season six starts a week on Sunday.

Under The Dome – June 24th – CBS

A town, Chester’s Mill in Maine is suddenly sealed off from the rest of the world when an invisible force field engulfs the town. A new limited series from Stephen King.

Perception – June 25th – TNT

Dr. Daniel Pierce, an eccentric neuroscience professor with paranoid schizophrenia is pulled back into working with the FBI and partnering up with his one time student Moretti.

Rizzoli & Isles – June 25th – TNT

The show is set in Boston and revolves around Police Detective Rizzoli and Medical Examiner Isles. They team up to catch serial killers and a whole host of other evildoers.

Dexter – June 30th – Showtime

Dexter, your friendly neighbourhood serial killer is back for one final season. Deb and Dexter have never seemed further apart than they are now after Deb shot LaGuerta.

The Bridge – July 10th – FX

Two detectives must work together to catch a serial killer who operates on both sides of the American-Mexico border: An adaptation of a series from Scandinavia.

The Newsroom – July 14th – HBO

It’s exactly what it says it is, a show about a newsroom. More specifically its about the anchor, his executive producer and the newsroom staff. They report real life events that have happened around the world in a behind-the-scenes look.

Covert Affairs – July 16th – USA

Annie Walker is pulled straight from ‘The Farm’ and given an assignment. She’s a spy for the CIA. They’re using her for their own needs. She finds a friend in tech guy, Auggie, who just so happens to be blind.

Suits – July 16th – USA

Another show about lawyers except when one of them really isn’t. Mike Ross, a man with an impressive memory manages to get a job with one of New York’s top law firms even though he lacks the qualifications.


Breaking Bad – August 11th – AMC

This isn’t your average TV show about drugs and violence. Walter White, an average Chemistry teacher turns to cooking Meth when he finds out he has Lung Cancer. It finishes up its final run of episodes in August.

Low Winter Sun – August 11th – AMC

A new-age story of corruption, deception, murder and revenge in which the line between cops and criminals is fuzzy. A Detroit Detective commits the ‘perfect’ crime against another cop, or he supposes. The murder activates forces that will forever change his life.


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