Continuum: Forgot The Damn Key

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 09.41.47

Continumm, this week, was focused more on the implications of the future. This was in replacement of the rather simplistic case of the week type episode wherein Kiera would use her suit once more.


We get a glimpse into future Alec’s life. Garza is being escorted by Kiera to Alec’s room. She’s scanned and told to remove the metal after which Kiera follows her up. Kiera’s told to give them an hour and she lives. Garza is supposed to be an escort. She and Future Alec talk and eventually he  says that she was sent here to kill him. Immediately she pounces but Alec continues to talk her down and gets her to stop. He turns Garza into his own personal failsafe.

He wants her to kill his past self, to change what the future becomes.

Kiera & Gardiner

Kiera’s continuing to work with Gardiner to catch the body snatchers. They track down two men who they have arrested. These men soon die when they’re released out on bail. When the coroner arrives he states that it could have been an aneurism. It wasn’t.

Gardnier and Kiera look over security footage and spot the man who pretended to be Section Six just so he could snatch a dead body. Kiera gives Escher a visit to see if he knows the man or who he works for. He lets nothing slip but tells her that they have small tattooed dots between their fingers. As Kiera leaves we see that Escher has those same tattoos.

Kiera uses this information and with the help of Betty they pull out old case files. They now understand that they had to steal the identities of dead children. They also all used the same law firm to probate their wills. Gardnier goes to investigate on his own.

He finds the law firm and asks the lady  about the wills and he’s told that the same man is the beneficiary and she confirms, after seeing a photograph, that it’s the same man from the body snatching.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 13.35.43

The next time we see Gardiner is back at the law offices. He’s speaking to the man at the desk about these cases and the man tells him that there may be some information in the old files. He goes to get them but comes back “Forgot the damn key!”

The man sits down and two men burst in. They shoot. Gardiner dies.


Alec is kidnapped half way through the episode by Garza. It’s Future Alec’s failsafe coming into  fruition.  Kiera goes to Alec’s lab to try and find him after seeing the wreck at his apartment. He isn’t there but another time traveller is, Jason. Jason helps Kiera to find Alec by hooking her up to the Arc slice.

She sifts through tons of data and finds an image of Alec in a car with Garza. Jason instantaneously knows where she took him and Kiera goes on her way. Alec talks to Garza and tries to plea his case in an attempt to win her over without her killing anyone more. He just wants to be in love. Eventually Garza runs and Kiera helps Alec up from the balcony, crisis adverted.


I think this is definitely one of my favourite episodes of the current season. They’ve improved so much since season one. I found it a real shock when the two men burst in and shot Gardiner in the head. I didn’t think they’d kill him off so soon.


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