Revolution: Revolt, Break Glass, Repeat

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Revolution is one of those shows you can just sit and feel immersed by. The whole feel of mystery surrounding the power and whether it will ever be turned back on.

Rachel & Monroe

Last weeks episode ended with Rachel holding onto a grenade ready to blow everyone, including Monroe, up. This episode starts immediately where that last was left, slow motion is in abundance as Rachel releases the mechanism stopping it from exploding and the short five second fuse is extended. Everyone in the tent is either attempting to get the grenade or protecting Monroe.

The grenade is thrown out of the tent and Rachel is dragged towards ‘The Tower’; its more of a bunker really. Rachel scans her hand on the access panel and she’s granted entry to the facility. Randall wants to get down to Level 12, thats where the powerful stuff is apparently. Monroe and Co get stuck on Level 11 and have no choice but to exit the elevator there.

They’re ambushed, people with upgraded grenade launchers come from everywhere to blast holes in everyone. Rachel runs towards a room with a heavily fortified door but not before Monroe pushes his way in. They’re trapped in there together now. Monroe scours the room for anything and happens upon a cabinet with the same grenade launchers they had just encountered. Rachel refuses to open the cabinet and Monroe goes ahead with bashing it to death.Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 08.48.25

A little while later, Rachel spots Charlie, Aaron, Nora and Miles on one of the monitors making their way through Level 11. Monroe makes this plea about not letting Rachel lose another child if he just unlocks the guns. She does and Monroe saves Charlie’s life soon after.

Tom & Jason

Tom and Jason work as a distraction to allow Miles and the others to get into The Tower. They blow up the Militia’s power source and most of the men flock to them. This gives Miles enough time to enter The Tower, until Jason and Tom are overwhelmed and captured.

The next time we see them they’re both strung up against wooden supports. Someone Tom knew from his days on the Militia turns up, now promoted to Major. A shorter man returns several times, each time Tom plants the idea of revolting against Monroe and making the Militia a better place. This man is drawn into the idea and unties Tom and his son.Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 08.49.26


Aaron, Charlie & Rachel

Not long after Monroe save Charlie they all, minus Monroe, run into three more armed men. They don’t fire but instead escort them towards a large, what looks to be, living quarters. Grace Beaumont is there and other people from the team that was working on something top secret for the DOD.

Rachel still makes it known that she wants to turn the lights back on, Grace in reply says “If she turns the power on, maybe she saves the world or maybe she sets it on fire.”


This was definitely a good episode, a few more questions are starting to be unravelled and a few more questions are presenting themselves. Like, how can turning the lights back on cause the world to be set on fire?

Tom has always been one to go where he thinks he can get the best deal and now he’s found his own. He can now try and take Monroe’s Militia from him which could be interesting to see played out.

I’d still like to know what Aaron’s place in all this is. How is he related to The Tower?


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