Continuum: What Have We Got To Lose?

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This weeks Continuum is really starting to build on story. There’s several story lines that are going to come head on with each other and it’s not going to be pretty but it will be great TV.


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There was a bit more 2077 this week than most. Alec’s brother Julian Randall is about to attend a hearing in both 2077 and present day. In 2077 he’s escorted from his futuristic cell whilst other inmates chant ‘Theseus’. He’s taken to a room where he’s given a sentencing. The sentencing is guilty on counts of;  high treason, mass murder and civil insurrection. However, his sentence is stayed and he’s to be transferred to corporate detention as ordered by the Chairman of Superior Council. The chairman just happens to be Alec’s future self.

Kiera & Carlos

Kiera whilst inside the courtroom, spots Sonya and gives chase. She doesn’t catch her and instead enters the courtroom where Carlos is testifying. During his testimony Kiera looks over to the Jurors and notices one who’s a little jumpy and with the aid of her CMR confirms it.

Kiera tells Carlos after the trial that they need to look into the jury because it may have been tampered by Sonya. With the help of Alec she gains access to recent activity at the Juror’s house. It shows no activity whatsoever which leads Carlos to believe the Juror’s family may have been kidnapped. Kiera gets Alec to delve deeper and brings up recent emails. One of the emails show a video of, most likely, the Juror’s family.

Kiera and Carlos can’t inform the judge that the jury is tampered without sacrificing the safety of the family in question so they decide not to tell the judge until they know the family is safe.

Carlos figures out from the piping and shape of the room they’re being held in, that they are on a boat. Alec believes that he can use the processing power of the ‘slice’ in conjunction with Kiera’s CMR to sift through and compare thousands of images of boats until one matches. It works.

They arrive at the area where the boat is supposed to be. Kiera has on show, her CPS suit. They’re soon ambushed from behind by a man holding a gun. He orders them to drop their guns. Kiera’s response is to activate her camouflage stunning the man. Carlos uses this opportunity to disarm him and they continue to the boat.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 20.48.41

Carlos hops onto the deck and approaches two men inside. He tells them that he is police and they draw on him. Kiera under the guise of camouflage begins to beat one of the men making it look like he’s beating himself up in the oddest fashion. Carlos takes care of the other man. They find the family below deck.

They can now inform the Judge. This causes the fate of Julian to rest solely on the judge as a bench trial. The judge comes to the conclusion that due to Julian supposedly not knowing the man he shot was a cop that he was acting in self defence. Carlos believes that the judge had been bought off and causes an investigation to be started.


This episode was different because it was more courtroom than action but I liked it nevertheless. I feel this episode was more of a catalyst for things to come; like the bridge between story lines because they’re all starting to culminate.


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