Burn Notice: It’s Him Or Me

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Burn Notice started its last season recently and at the moment the gang aren’t together and Michael is in the Dominican Republic.


At the start we see Michael looking grubby and just plain dirty. He’s in a kind of fight club and not taking the hits very well. It flashes back 9 months and sat behind the desk is Michael and he’s being given the deal we saw him take at the end of the last season. This man has a task that requires a person just like Michael and in return Michael’s friends are free to go.

He’s trying to get in close with an old friend, Burke, playing the deep cover of a down and out spy. The cover is mostly real with a hint of alcoholism. Burke approaches him not long after the fight club and tells Michael about a job he has in the pipes but he’s still unsure on Michael’s suitability.

Michael goes out to meet with Andrew Strong (the man who gave him the deal) and updates him on Burke’s interest in using him for his jobs. On his way home he notices his porch light flicker and from the narration Michael tells us it’s attached to a motion sensor inside the apartment. He uses a secondary entrance to get into his apartment, inside is Burke and Burke’s friend.

They end up hiring him for the job. Michael scouts the location, a security firm, and is given little details about what awaits him on the inside. Michael and Pablo (the friend of Burke) enter the building dressed as janitors. The quickly make it to the door to find that the codes Pablo have don’t work therefore Michael improvises a detonator and attaches it to a slice of C4.

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The lock blows off. Pablo enters and sets the main detonator and C4 but on his way out he’s shot in the leg. Michael carries him out and they’re told by Burke to stay low and not contact each other until the rendezvous. Michael and Pablo come to a Police checkpoint and Pablo gets a call telling him that Michael is still working for the CIA. At the checkpoint Michael speeds off and the police fire at them he swerves the car in such a way that Pablo is shot in the head.

Michael meets Burke at the rendezvous, he tells him that Pablo is dead and explains how it happened. Burke never got the same call as Pablo telling him that he’s a CIA agent still. Michael meets with Strong a day later and Strong tells him about the man snooping around Miami and that they need to sneak back in, take him out, and leave.


Sam is sunning it up by the pool. Jessie is working at some kind business or firm. Fiona has a new job, she’s bounty hunting with her new boyfriend. Madeline is battling for custody of Nate’s child.

Sam is approached by a man claiming to be French intelligence and asks questions about Michael, whether he’s still working for the CIA and all sorts of invasive questions that Sam knows he shouldn’t answer.

Sam heads to Jessie to find out that the same man who he’d encountered had just been there and that Jessie’s servers had been hacked, possibly for more information on Michael Westen.

Sam and Jessie contact Fiona and send her to look after Michael’s Mom whilst they go track the slippery snake down. They find his address and decide to go round and enter through the back. Sam turns the doorknob and Jessie sees a spike on the non-contact voltmeter he’s carrying. Inside is a Claymore.

Jessie grabs a long piece of metal and pushes the Claymore as far as it can go without falling. He tells Sam to just run away, run as fast as he can. So he does, Sam lets go and he dives into the air while the explosion ripples through the house. After it’s calmed down they go inside and find cover IDs for several different scenarios. One of note catches them, an ID for the Florida Department of Children and Families.

They alert Fiona but they’re too late, Madeline was just in the room with him and because she believed his identity and that she’s better her chances of custody, she told the man everything.


It was a good season opener, I’m just worried about where it’s going. Is the gang going to meet up in the next episode? Are they all going to be pulled back into the game to help Michael one more time, even though they’re mostly where they want to be?

Also the small on screen Heroes reunion makes this episode slightly better.


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