The Fosters: Who Needs Biology?

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The Fosters is a show about family. This family isn’t the run-of-the-mill type either; you’ve got the mothers Stef and Lena. Then there’s Stef’s biological son, Brandon. Next is the twins, Marianna and Jesus, who are currently being fostered by Stef and Lena. Finally, the newest addition, Callie; she’s the dark horse with a troubled past.


The first time we see Callie is within the confines of a juvenile detention centre. She’s being released. But before she leaves the other girls decide to beat her up because “they’re jealous” of the fact.

Upon exit Lena is waiting for her. A few minutes before Lena was asked to take her on as another foster child. Lena takes Callie home and introduced her to the other kids. Soon after Stef, a police officer comes home and is introduced to the new girl.

The next day Callie attends school where Lena is the Vice Principal. She seems troubled and leaves half way through the day. Brandon spots her leaving and follows. He asks where she’s going and Callie tells him about her previous biological father and how she ended being locked up and also how she has to go get her brother Jude from the same man before he’s hurt too.

When they arrive Brandon knocks on the front door and asks for directions because he says he’s lost whilst Callie sneaks in through the back. Callie’s foster father spots her and he goes for his gun. A car pulls up outside, It’s Stef, Lena and Mike (Brandon’s father). Stef and Mike who’re  both cops rush in and arrest the foster father.

Callie heads back to say with The Fosters. Lena and Stef decide that they couldn’t let either of them go back to into the system and they decide they can stay a while longer.

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Marianna is one of the twins. She and her brother can both speak spanish. At the start they both are wondering about whether they should contact their mother and reconnect with her even though she left them when they were quite young.

Marianna is caught by Callie in the kitchen. Callie walks over to where Marianna just was and pulls out a box that has some pills inside. There’s a prescription for Jesus, Marianna’s twin brother, inside of it. Later Jesus notices that its emptier and asks Marianna. She denies it.

Marianna is already actually in contact with her mother. Marianna decides to tell her brother and that she sold his pills for money. The money would then go to their mother because she’s told Marianna that she was having a little bit of trouble.

Late at night Marianna goes to meet her mother. The mother isn’t at all interested in the daughter and asks for the money, as soon as she gets it she leaves Marianna again.


This is a TV show that shows us just what family values are and that you don’t need a typical familial hierarchy to raise children. It’s warming to watch. So far I don’t see it being an engrossing TV show it’s more of a series that you can sit and watch but do other things at the same time.


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