Clear Eyes, Full Hearts: Season 3, They Lose


Season 3 of Friday Night Lights felt like it was lacking a lot. Firstly, Smash is making his finally lengths towards recovery from an off screen knee injury. Coach Taylor the ever present father figure in the players lives took a special interest in making Smash ready to play college football again, eventually getting him set up with Texas A&M.

What really annoyed me was Landry and Tyra. One minute they are best friends the next minute they’re barely speaking to each other and then all of a sudden they’re dating? I think they seriously need to stay together or grow apart.

Jason Street

This character didn’t get near enough screen time. His storyline was tied up within a couple of episodes towards the middle of the season. Not to mention the fact he didn’t show up at all at the start.

At the start he’s still a car salesman for Buddy but he doesn’t like it and he knows he needs to find a better way to support his newborn baby, Noah and its mother. He comes up with the idea to ‘flip’ a house. Buddy’s put his house up for sale and he goes all in with both the Riggins brothers and Herc. They eventually do end up turning the place around for profit and split the money four ways.

Jason bumps into someone who used to play for the Panthers, Wendell Foley and his soon-to-be Agent. The sports agent hands Jason his card and Jason takes this as an opportunity to become one himself. He decides to leave Dillon, Texas and heads out with Tim Riggins for New York. When he reaches the agency the agent he met in Texas, he realises that the offer wasn’t literal. The agent was just looking for information on why Wendell didn’t sign with him.

Tim mentions that Jason should go find this Wendell and get him to sign with the agent and maybe it’ll help him get his foot in the door. He finds Wendell and does eventually persuade him. This awarded Jason with an entry level position with the agency. Jason then goes to visit Erin and Noah to tell her of the job. He wants her to move in with him so they can start a real family together now that he has a real job. She agrees and that is the last we see of Jason this season.

The Panthers

New guy JD McCoy takes over as starting Quarterback but he’s still under the thumb of his Dad who is constantly ordering him about and shouting at him to do better. Its Tim’s and Matt’s last year with the Panther and knowing this they’re trying especially hard to make it to play-offs and eventually to State.


They make it to State with a bit of luck. After a bad half with a terrible offence, Coach swaps the freshman JD for veteran Matt Saracen; he’s back playing as Quarterback, the way it always should have been. This returns the Panthers to form scoring touchdown after touchdown. It comes down to the last 30 odd seconds and the Panthers are one point up. The other team attempt a field goal, if successfully pulled off, would win them the game. It does, Panthers lose.

However, it’s not a sad loss. The Panthers played their hearts out and managed to scrape their way back with some exceptional Football.

East Dillon High

The oddest turn of events is the rumours of a new school being opened. Dillon is divided straight down the middle allowing only people on the East Dillon High side to attend East Dillon High School and vice versa. The boosters and Buddy find a way to ‘twist’ this line so that they don’t lose out on any of the Panthers.

Coach Taylor’s contract with Dillon High comes up for renewal and they instead decide to hand it over to JD McCoy’s ‘personal coach’. As a consolation they offer Coach Taylor the position of Head Coach at the run-down East Dillon High School…


It wasn’t my favourite season. It wasn’t the worst season. I’d have liked to see Jason Street to stick around a little bit longer (Scott Porter is a good actor.) When I watch season four I hope that Landry and Tyra’s relationship has chosen a path and that they’re going to stick to it. I know the next season is going to be a lot of Coach Taylor fighting an uphill battle against the Panther. Luckily there’s no real main cast members left on the Panthers because the last have just graduated. It’ll feel like a new show and I don’t know how that’s going to sit with me.


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