Continuum: An Emotional Kiera

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This weeks episode hinged on emotions but more specifically the emotional stability of Kiera.


The episode opens, like most, in 2077 but this time around it is Kiera’s son Sam’s birthday party. He’s not in the room with the other kids but outside on the balcony looking sad. He just wants his dad to be there with him but he can’t. In an effort to cheer him up Kiera hands him a present that she says is from his dad. Upon opening there are several soldier figures stood on a wooden base. Sam immediately runs inside and places it on a table while one of his friends taps away on the glass turning it into some type of virtual terrain for the now animated soldiers to reenact battles on.

In present day, Inspector Dillon is being fired and an investigation to dig up a mole is opened. Kiera remembers that it’s her son’s birthday today even though he is yet to be born. She’s called into an office with Agent Gardiner and a few other faces who’re investigating. The question mainly focuses on her connections to section six and its existence within the government, until Gardiner comments on the delusion that he believes Kiera’s involvement in section six and her family are a fallacy to which she replies by slamming him against the wall and yelling “He doesn’t exist!”

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This triggers an emergency protocol to give Kiera a psych review and until she completes it she cannot regain functionality of the suit and CMR. The CPS event delves into Kiera’s head and tries to talk her through and eventually accept the fact that she may never get back to her son again. It succeeds when it gets Kiera to ‘open her heart’ through a holographic projection of a version of her son that exists within her own mind.

The Mole

Straight away the team that is brought in clears Detective Carlos due to his stellar record. Now he’s in working with the team to give a personal perspective on the people he works with every day.

Whilst in the bathroom Kiera is given a USB stick that contains a program to wipe the computer system of all information that could potentially endanger Kiera’s cover. There’s also some damming evidence against Betty; she’s attended a Liber8 meeting once before.

After Kiera gets her suit powers back, she activates the camouflage ability and sneaks into Betty’s office to let it work its magic. Gardiner and Co confront Kiera and tell her that they believe she is also a mole to which she alerts them to a Trojan Horse on Betty’s computer, the mole.

At the end of the episode we see Betty stood outside in the rain, a car pulls up and she gets inside. It is a member of Liber8; Betty is the mole.


Alec’s involvement with Matthew Kellog is made permanent when the enter a partnership together. Alec is made CEO with a 51% majority share in the company. He now has a brand new office filled with computer servers and high tech devices.

Jason, the weird odd ball person supposedly from the future, approached Alec outside his new building and Alec tells him that they should start work on reverse engineering the device that brought Kiera, Liber8, Jason and maybe other to this time. Jason accepts immediately and is ushered inside by Alec.


I personally don’t think Alec can trust either Jason or Matthew. They both seem to have some other agenda, Matthew’s more obvious than some. Matthew seems to want power and he’s using Alec’s brain to get it.

Will Inspector Dillon be back or has he been removed permanently?

Will Kiera’s emotions once more get in the way when she finds out that she was duped by Betty?


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