Top Ten Episodes Versus Chuck: Part I


Chuck has to be one of my all time favourite TV series because it is such a quirky, geeky, nerdy and reference filled show. It stars Zachary Levi as Charles “Chuck” Bartowski, The Intersect and part-time Nerd Herder. So I thought I’d pick out my ten favourite episodes from its five season run.

10. – Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer

This episode is one of the only episodes where we got to delve into Jeff’s history. Apparently in 1983 he was the World Champion for a game called Missile Command. The episodes basically centres around this game in which the secret codes to a satellite are hidden. Towards the end Jeff is supposed to play the game for nostalgia but passes out so its up to Chuck to play the game and he fails until he notices an audience member’s Rush jacket and Flashes relating the song ‘Tom Sawyer’ to the game and realising that the pattern in the song can help him complete the game. He reaches the Kill Screen, gets the satellite codes and saves the day.

This is one of those ‘Just For Fun’ episodes, one where you don’t need to know anything about the world of Chuck but once you start watching it all becomes clear.

9. – Chuck Versus The Intersect

This episode is the start of the five year journey the show took with the Bartowski’s, Casey, Walker, Grimes and the Buy More gang. Chuck is given access to the CIA’s wealth of knowledge thanks to one of his old college friends, Bryce Larkin, now a rogue agent. The moment where everything changes for Chuck is when Sarah Walker walks into the Buy More. Chuck fixes Sarah’s phone and she leaves behind her phone number.

The phone number was just a ploy to find out what he knows about The Intersect but little did she know that her task of making Chuck fall in love with her would actually have the opposite effect too and she would eventually fall in love with Chuck.

8. – Chuck Versus The Dream Job

The episode starts with Chuck and Sarah meeting with Chuck’s Father, Stephen Bartowski, who had left Chuck and his older sister years ago. Chuck tries to persuade his dad to come back with him and to attend Ellie’s wedding. Stephen puts up this front of being a socially awkward type by ranting that his inventions were stolen by Ted Roark. Chuck pieces together information left to him by Orion and the layout of Roark’s offices to realise that Roark is building a Fulcrum Intersect. Whilst attempting to break into the building Stephen takes control of the wrist mounted computer and lets his son, Chuck know that he was Orion all this time. He also explained that he left Ellie and Chuck to protect them.

I like this one because it has a lot of heart, Chuck finds his father but then ultimately loses him again to the hands of Roark. Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase play Stephen and Roark, respectively. They are two big names who help represent what the show stands for.

7. – Chuck Versus Operation Awesome

Devon is coerced into being a pawn for The Ring because he was mistaken for being Chuck. Chuck worries about Devon’s safety but is soon calmed as he walks into the Buy More unharmed. Devon is debriefed and is asked to help them flush out The Ring agent. To futher solidify Devon’s commitment to The Ring’s agenda; he’s given an earpiece which contains a small explosive device that will detonate is any orders are disobeyed or if the earpiece is tampered with. His orders are to enter a building, go to the 12th floor and finally kill a man in an office.

The man is Daniel Shaw, soon to become a nemesis to Chuck and Co. This marks the start of a long arc that will test Chuck and Sarah’s fortitude. Daniel Shaw is by far one of the best enemies to appear in Chuck.


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