Bates: Psycho And Taxidermy Aficionado

The first season 10-episode run of Bates Motel came to an end last night with a sharp turn down a path that will ultimately lead to the Norman Bates known in film.

He’s a boy with many issues, the least of which is his mother, Norma. Norma is very controlling of her son going so far as to push him in the direction of Emma, a girl who lives life through an oxygen tank due to her Cystic Fibrosis.

Norman asks Emma to the school dance with him the reasons seem unsure as he’s still transfixed by his one night stand, Bradley, who doesn’t exactly want to be with him. Norman is caught staring by Bradley’s date several times and eventually approaches Norman outside. Norman’s plea of innocence goes unheard when he’s punched in the face and left bleeding.

As Norman is walking home a little while later his teacher, Miss Watson pulls up beside him offering him safety from the rain and a ride home. He gets inside the car and is immediately questioned about the blood and Miss Watson offers to take a look back at her place.

Miss Watson wipes the blood off of Norman’s face and tells Norman that she’s just going to get changed and she’ll take him back to his motel. At this moment Norma appears as a hallucination of sorts twisting the thoughts inside Norman’s head to make him believe that Miss Watson is purposely getting undressed with the door ajar for him to see.

A short time jump later and Norman is running back to the Bates Motel and comes across his mother pulling in who questions him as to his whereabouts.

“Miss Watson was going to give me a ride but the next thing I remember I was just running on the road alone,” he’d obviously had another blackout the third one we’re aware of. The first blackout was just before he murdered his own father, the second was after an emotionally troubling shootout between Shelby and Norman’s brother.

We return to Miss Watson’s house to see blood on the floor and turning the corner a larger pool of blood upon which Miss Watson’s dead, throat slashed, corpse lay.

Why can’t Norman remember the murders? Why does he see Norma before he kills Miss Watson?

Luckily A&E have renewed it for a second season wherein we should see Norman becoming a more brutal murderer and maybe even killing consciously for the first time and his emotional reaction to it.


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