Goodbye Michael Scott

Recently I’ve been getting through all the episodes of the US version of The Office and I have to say it’s much better than the british counterpart. Seven seasons in and the best boss in the world has left Dunder Mifflin to be with his fiancé and probably soul-mate, Holly.

Steve Carell decided to let his contract expire at the end of the sixth season giving the writers enough time to plan his departure and they definitely got it spot on. The seventh season played as sort of a ‘greatest hits’ with Michael Scott getting some of his best material including the long in production movie ‘Threat Level Midnight’.

Everything boiled down to his last two episodes; Michael’s last dundies and his goodbyes. In his last dundies, Michael attempts to hand over the reigns to the replacement boss, Deangelo Vickers (Will Ferrell) which obviously doesn’t go all too smoothly when Deangelo finds he can’t ‘perform’. They get kicked out of the venue because of his attempts at hosting and the rest of group suggest going back to the office to finish the dundies.

With Daryl on the keyboard a song begins and everyone joins in singing a song based around the amount of minutes Michael had spent in the office, 9986000. A very fitting song to bookend the dundies.

In ‘Goodbye, Michael’, Steve Carell’s character has a long list of names he has to go through before he leaves that same day. Everyone is left to believe that he doesn’t leave until the following day but it probably made it easier that way. He slowly makes his way through the list paying extra attention to the characters who he’s been closest with.

The most fun ‘goodbye’ was Dwight. Michael hands Dwight an envelope containing a letter of recommendation and attached to the back a note stating “2:45 behind the building, paintball”. Needless to say when the time arrives the two end up in a battle like no other and the come out being better friends than before.

Throughout the episode Michael keeps asking where Pam is and when she would be back, Jim soon catches on to the fact that he is actually leaving the same day. By the time 4pm comes around Michael still hasn’t said goodbye to Pam and heads off to the airport.

In the airport a significant realism is brought to the show; “Will you guys let me know if this ever airs?” and the fact that he rips off his microphone remind us that the show is actually some kind of documentary.

Lastly, just as a silent Michael walks away to his flight, Pam appears and hugs Michael tightly.

It was definitely a fitting end to the character Michael Scott. He got the girl and he managed to say all his goodbyes in the only way Michael can.


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