The Finale, The Doctor And The Impossible Girl

The last episode of the current season of Doctor Who had me transfixed and absolutely encapsulated. By all means it was a triumphant return to the shows true form – its many plot twists causing serious confusion to some.

The episode opened with Clara Oswald, ‘The Impossible Girl’, appearing throughout all The Doctor’s timeline. Starting with William Hartnell as he’s about to procure the Tardis and ending with Clara actually meeting the current Doctor in Victorian London, as an echo of herself.

The episode really kicked into gear when, after a random murderer in Victorian London somehow knew of The Doctor and his secret and the place he should never vista, Trenzalore. This information causes Vastra to call a kind of meeting to discuss what to do permitting the return of River Song.

From there its a short journey to The Doctor’s revelation that he must go to Trenzalore to save his friends who were taken by creatures that oddly looked like Slender. However, Trenzalore has been a place of much mystery but it turns out it’s where the ‘Tomb of the Doctor’ is.

We find out that it’s the ‘Great Intelligence’ behind the Slender-like creatures and that he’s been holding a serious grudge against The Doctor.

The answers really start piling in toward the end, ‘The Impossible Girl’ is just that; she is impossible because she entered The Doctors timeline and was fractured into millions of echoes of herself which in turn explains the sequence at the beginning which is again repeated with a few more tidbits added.

“Run you clever boy, and remember me.” Clara’s line is spoken just before she jumps in.

River poses another question:

“I was mentally linked to Clara, if she’s really dead then, how can I still be here?”

“Okay, how?”


Is there some other connection that we haven’t yet discovered between Clara and River?

Finally, within the last few minutes Clara is stuck inside The Doctor’s timeline and she sees the all the faces of The Doctor, all of them she recognises except for one.

“He’s the one who broke the promise.” The Doctor explains just as Clara collapses. Soon the figure turns around and big bold lettering tells us that this man, John Hurt, is The Doctor.

It’s already been rumoured that he would be playing a version of The Doctor but which one is he? Is he the next incarnation, the 12th? Or is he one who bridges the gap between Paul McGann’s and Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor. Other people have sited that he could be The Doctor who fought during the Time War.

We won’t find out much more until the 50th Anniversary episode several months away, 23rd November. Maybe this could be the Time War brought to screen giving reason to the appearance of John Hurt.

“In the name of peace and sanity.”

“But not in the name of The Doctor.”


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