Moriarty, More Fatale Than Ever

I’ve just got round to watching the two-part first season finale of Elementary. It’s a show with much to live up to. The character of Sherlock Holmes has a well rooted history in English Literature thanks to one Arthur Conan Doyle.

The american outing take a different approach, one of making a famously male character female, Watson, but enough of that. The episode picks up not long after the one previous, Sherlock had just walked in on a woman he had loved back in London and long time thought to be dead by the hands of his nemesis Moriarty.

The episode features little flashes back to London when Sherlock first met Irene Adler and how they came to be close. From the get go you can tell that the relationship is very ‘Film Noir’ by the soundtrack and by the way the character of Irene can so flawlessly fill the title of Femme Fatale. She even took to calling Sherlock; Sherlock Holmes P.I as many of the characters in film noir are.

This became even clearer as Irene being a femme fatale when it was dropped upon us once Sherlock had been injured, that she was in fact the person he’d been searching for all along.

So much of the first season had been cleared up within the finale not leaving much to be threaded through to the next season. We’ve met Moriarty, Irene Adler lives and Sherlock has deduced it all. Hopefully when the series returns it’ll delve more into the history of Sherlock and his life in London working with Scotland Yard and his encounters with Moriarty.

“My nemesis has been defeated, is that about the long and short of it?”

“Yes… Does that mean you need to find a new nemesis?”

That is something that should be returned to in the season 2 premiere, will Moriarty continue to plague Sherlocks every thought with an elaborate plan set in motion to prevent jail time?

Or will the show simply move on at a steady pace case-by-case and eventually happen upon someone else with the mental capacity to match that of Mr Holmes?


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